Fit Dad: Kimatni D. Rawlins

Quick Stats

Silver Spring, Md (from Camden, NJ)
Proud father of: Two girls, 14 and 11
Occupation: Publisher and Journalist, Health Advocate
IG handle: @FitFathers and @K22Raw

kimatni rawlinsHow do you fit exercise into your life?

Parenting is like a second and a third job with no weekend breaks. Yet, it is also a life everlasting commitment and a chance to raise children with positive values or have the power to change the world. Like anything that requires our time, I view health and wellness as I do work, eating, sleeping, etc. It’s not an elective or temporary solution. Everyday I execute something energetic, even if it’s for 30 minutes. But most days I go for 90 minutes.

In exchange, I no longer hang out at sports bars, lounges or eat out unless it’s a special occasion. I prefer to watch games at home, ditched the booze and invite friends over while cooking. Also, I hit the sack earlier so I can rise by 5 am or 6 am to obtain at least seven hours of rest, a necessity for the body.

Favorite form of exercise and why:

I mix it up, so I have no favorite. We all know that once the physique becomes pre-conditioned to similar routines, it burns calories less and builds muscles less. My daily goal is to burn 900 calories a day, so cardio is always a factor, including running, swimming or biking. I love HIITs and weight lifting, using less weight for toning opposed to gaining strength. I played ball at Georgia Tech as a running back so I had my fair share of 400-lb benching and 600-lb squats! The body can only take so much for sustained periods before you start tearing ligaments as I did with my rotator cuff on both shoulders.

Go-to healthy meal:

I love brown rice and lentils. Also, my cauliflower wings are always a hit at sporting events.

What’s your eating style?

kimatni rawlinsI’m a vegan of 8 years now. I believe plant-based diets are the most effective at disease reduction and increased energy. There is no cholesterol in foods that grow from trees, seeds and roots, reducing the chance of heart disease. Also, it creates more alkalinity, increased nutrient intake and of course helps meet the recommended daily amount of fiber, which only 2 percent of Americans are currently hitting.

How vital is it that men be more proactive with their health in general?

Ironically, June is Men’s Health month so has partnered with Men’s Health Network to increase awareness of certain initiations such as colon cancer screenings which has just been reduced from 50 to 45.

fit dad kimatni rawlinsBest tip for turning a beer belly into a six pack:

LOL, get rid of the beer. Seriously, there is far too much sugar in alcohol and as we age it becomes far more challenging to keep a flat and solid belly. In addition, daily ab workouts and HIIT training such as sprinting and swimming are perfect for flat boards.

Best way to describe fatherhood?

Fatherhood is amazing. The opportunity to create and lead minions is one of the most amazing experiences in the universe! So please parents, continue to lead by example so your child becomes the example. Moreover,  if you are in the MD, DC or VA area, come to our free Fit Fathers Day Celebration June 17th at 10 am. More details at – One Love!



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