The Mini-Band Workout for a Tighter Everything

Light, portable and wallet-friendly, mini-resistance bands are popular for lower body exercises like lateral walks. Put them in the right place with the right exercise, and you can work your glutes like crazy! Fitness and nutritional coach Jeanette Chandler of Fit With Jeanette Chandler is a big fan of the bands for herself and clients, and has five fresh ways to work your lower body and more using this simple, rubber workout buddy.

“This routine is going to hit you everywhere — core, inner and outer thighs, shoulders and of course, the booty! And you’ll get your heart rate up with the plyometric moves for that extra cardio burn,” Chandler says.

Grab a medium to heavy resistance band and try it for yourself!

The Workout:

Complete each exercise for 1 minute, and repeat for 4 rounds.
Equipment: Mini-resistance band. Optional: Sturdy box, bench or platform step
Place band around your thighs, just above your knees, for all exercises

Move 1: Jump-Squat-Lunge Hops

Jump onto a box or bench, landing on both feet. Jump back down and into a squat. Immediately, take your right leg back into a lunge position and hop up twice, like you’re performing a lunge jump. Return to start, and repeat on the lunge hop with the left leg behind you. Works: Quads, glutes and hamstrings

Move 2: Push Up Leg Lifts

For this incline push up, place your hands on a bench or box or sturdy chair propped up against a wall and get into a perfect plank position. Lower down into a push up. Return to start and alternate lifting each leg behind you. Modification: Do push ups on the floor or perform the push up from your knees, then raise up to a plank position to do your leg lifts. Works: Upper chest, core, glutes

Move 3: Side Plank Leg Raise

Using the same surface, turn to your side for a side plank. Once in position, lift your knee continuously while keeping your core tight. Repeat on the opposite leg. Works: Core, glutes and thighs.

Move 4: Quick Step Ups

With band in place, step feet up and down one at a time on a high-ish bench or box. The key is to move as fast as you can — safely. No box? Perform fast feet in place, taking feet from wide to narrow. Works: Legs, cardio

Move 5: Plank Walk Jump In

If you have a bench, you’ll start on one end. Walk the plank over to the other side, perform a push up and hop your feet in. Return in the other direction and repeat until your time is up. Modification: No bench? You can accomplish this move on the floor. You can also perform the push up from your knees, then lift up to hop or step your feet in and out. Works: Core, chest, cardio

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