If a Strong and Sexy Back is Your Goal, Do This

You slip on your favorite outfit, twist around to see yourself from behind in the mirror, and there it is staring right at you: bra bulge. Or, back fat, as many call it. It’s cramping your style, and you are so over it, right?  Let’s say bye-bye to the bulge then. Here’s your 5-Point Plan:

Clean Up Your Diet

The most effective way to burn fat, slim down and shed what ails us is by cutting out or back on all the junk in your food rotation. By junk, we mean high-bad-fat calorie foods. For example: Replace fried, greasy takeout with satisfying home cooked meals that include dark, leafy salad greens. Instead of soda, drink flavored carbonated water. An occasional treat is allowed, just don’t go overboard. With so many healthy dessert options, including ice-cream, you can indulge without the guilt. Make the healthy swaps, overhaul your kitchen, and you are on your way!

Work Your Muscles

Ladies, if you’ve not added strength training to your workouts, you’re missing a serious opportunity to burn fat faster and tone, tone, tone. If you don’t know exactly where to start with weight training, your first step should be finding the right size weights to achieve your goals. Once you’re more comfortable with weightlifting, try adding exercises such as dumbbell swings, combo moves like a deadlift with an upright row.

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These are all exercises you can do at home or at the gym if you have weights and a resistance band. Work your back and core muscles at least 2-3 days a week, with a day’s rest in between.

Crank Up Your Cardio

At least five days of high-energy cardio does a whole body good, and that includes your back. You’re a busy woman, so commit to at least 30 minutes of cardio activity each week. This could be anything from running to walking to spinning to hiking to Zumba. Your best bet for getting it in quickly and most effectively is interval training. Choose 4-5 cardio/strength moves, do each for 30-60 secs, rest for 1 minute, and repeat three times. Try this sample body weight workout.

Include Core Moves

A sexy back is great, but a strong back should be the goal. That includes making sure all of the muscles from the nape of your neck to your butt are strong! Great core strengthening exercises you should include plans, push-ups, and crunches.

Feed Your Muscles

Post-workout, make sure that you consume about 30 grams of protein and 30 grams of carbohydrate within 30 minutes. This will help your muscles recover (reduce soreness) and rebuild. Try a Greek yogurt, a turkey sandwich on whole wheat, or a bowl of wholegrain cereal with milk if it’s a morning workout.

Follow these steps on a consistent basis, and you will burn fat all over your body and have a strong, sexy back in the end. On top of that, you’ll feel more confident in your clothes, improve your posture, and reduce any back pain you may have had before.

That’s not a bad deal at all, sisters. Not bad at all.



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