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Immersed in the world of yoga teacher training, Jocelyn Gordon found herself spending free moments spinning a hula hoop around her waist. “Soon I was clocking 1.5 to 3 hours a day in the hoop while also maintaining and documenting a daily yoga practice,” says Gordon, 44, a wife and mom of two girls.

She soon discovered a synergy between the hoop and the flow of yoga and created HoopYogini™ . Since then, she’s traveled the globe inspiring others to try it and launched an online yoga school where the inspired can be certified (Read on for a special deal for Crush readers!). 

This Bermuda-born, Florida-based yogi piqued our interest, and we couldn’t wait to learn more about her:

When did you take your first yoga class?

In 1997, I took my first yoga class at Jivamukti Yoga Studio in New York City during an amazing time of my life when I was training in Pan-African Dance specifically Haitian Dance and Samba. YUM!!!!  Been on the mystic path of remembering since my very young and early days of awareness within this life.

Describe your “light bulb” moment with hula hooping and yoga:

I felt all my loves coming together in my hoop practice. The hoop massaged me and connected me more to my breath and body. The hoop assisted me in stretching and finding balance in postures. The circular and feminine nature of the hoop helped me return to freeform dance and expressive movement.  

I had so many a-has and revelations in that potent time. From there, the hoop literally took me around the world as I traveled and taught as the Director of Teacher Training for a global hoop dance company and then started teaching in Asia, which inspired me to live on the island of Bali for 4.5 years.  It is here that I became a “digital nomad,” launching my online yoga school – www.HoopYogini.com, training and certifying people around the world in my method. I became a global citizen with my teen daughter, met my husband and had another baby. The hoop has blessed me.  #lifeisawesome

What’s the certification process like?

The HoopYogini™ Certification Journey is a deep and inspirational process that informs practitioners on how to create and benefit from a daily seated and meditation practice, how to feel the body and center within one’s energetic space, how to create good feelings and space in within one’s personal hoop (boundaries, aura and connection with others) and life and how to move from this space as an embodied being, dancer and earth citizen.  And oh yes, you learn how to teach postures, inform alignment, move and dance with the hoop, guide transformational classes and lead people into a powerful state of presence.

Get the details and email me for a special offer for Crush readers who want to teach HoopYogini: info@jocelyngordon.com

What joy do you get from what you do?

A fulfillment of purpose and a way to activate joy and transformation on the planet.

What can newbie’s expect? Do you need any yoga experience at all?

No experience required.  An adult size hoop and open heart are good starting points (Purchase a hoop here! ) Practitioners always leave having worked out and in!

Favorite yoga pose:

Sukhasana – The Pose Of Ease – A seated meditation posture

Most challenging pose:

Was formerly Eka Pada Rajakapotanasan – King Pidgeon Pose. It used to bring up a lot of tension in my mind and body. However, lately, it has been feeling really good.  I’ve just started doing hot yoga so learning how to do Eagle Pose (the leg wrap especially) whilst dripping with sweat is my current challenge.

Finish the sentence: I’m dying to try…

Pole Dancing!

Favorite beauty product:

Coconut oil because I oil-pull daily and make my own balms and scrubs.  Coconut oil is such a multi-purpose, non-toxic beauty enhancer that makes me feel good on the inside and out.

Favorite indulgence:

Facials and the occasional Dirty Chai.

What kind of music do you like?

I enjoy my husband’s sound healing music – https://trillion.bandcamp.com/ I’m also listening to Sirius FM and my current fav stations are The Groove and Diplo’s Revolution.

Essentials for a night of relaxation:

My ShaktiMat, licorice tea, kava relaxation tincture, some CBD oil and a good book.

Favorite healthy meal:

Kitcheri or a veggie bowl of quinoa, steamed veggies, tahini, coconut oil :), chia and flaxseeds with lots of tumeric added and a dose of Braggs Aminoacids

What’s your best advice for not just starting yoga, but staying with it?

Discard the thoughts that say you have to look a certain way, be a certain weight, have the right clothes or some innate already present degree of flexibility.  As people of color, yoga is ours, it comes from the dark continents and is a system for healing and embodying consciousness. It is in your birthright toolbox for earth thriving and spiritual upliftment. Don’t let the media stereotypes omit you from the lineage of this powerful technology. Get a mat, get some videos, get your practice on at home and with friends. Start classes (even viewing and streaming online) in your home or rotate homes to host. Invite teachers to come in and help you with your alignment and refinement. Take yoga back into your own hands and lineage.

What’s next for you?

Launching the 222 hour in-person HoopYogini Teacher Training that certifies in both Hatha Yoga and Hoop Therapeutics (stay tuned via by signing up for my email list: www.HoopYogini.com) and going deeper with my Conscious Conception Coaching and Full Spectrum Doula offerings. I support women and their partners in upleveling their health and vibration 12 months before conception and 12 months following birth so they can prepare their life for family, reduce pregnancy discomforts, enjoy peaceful and painless births and nourish heart and soul focused families. This is my sacred purpose. More info at www.JocelynGordon.com

Stacy Julien is editor in-chief at Crush Magazine, and she can hoop and yoga a little. 



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