How to Get Some Fly AF Eyebrows

As spring finally rolls in, the timeless trend of the season is individuality. Embracing your natural elements — hair and wearable, natural makeup — is all the rage on the catwalks! The must-have colors this spring are bright and eye-catching, as well as a definite nod to pastels such as lavender. And if you haven’t noticed, eyebrows are making as much a statement as plastic, thigh-high boots.

Simone Fennell

“For 2018, the trend is all about the defined, natural brow,” says Simone Fennell, brow expert and owner of Washington, DC-based Good Brows.  “This trend is all about loving your natural brow shape. Full, thick brows are still in so you show them off!”

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However, if you are like many women out there who are in brow rehab — maybe you’ve got troubled, sparse brows that won’t grow or lack shape  try Fennell’s best brow tips:


  • Don’t over-pluck. Too much plucking will thin out your brows and stunt growth. With the natural brow trend, less is more. Only pluck what is obviously outside of your natural brow shape.
  • When using a brow pencil, use short strokes and blend the product through with a disposable mascara wand (most brow pencils already have this attachment).
  • Add color. Tinted brow gels are a great way to add some color to your brow and texture. They can also help cover any annoying gray’s that pop up in your brows.


  • Invest in a bottle of Jamaican Black Castor Oil, made from the fire-roasted seeds of the castor plant. It has shown tremendous help in activating the hair follicles and sprouting some impressive growth. Apply the oil to your brows 3-4 times a week in the evenings. A clean Q-tip is the perfect application tool.
  • Try rosemary essential oil. Research suggests that rosemary oil stimulates hair growth. Massage oil gently into your eyebrows a couple of times a day to get your growth going.
  • Eat like you want beautiful brows. Remember, what you put on your inside affects your outside! You’re more likely to experience hair loss or thinning if your diet lacks essential vitamins. Make sure you’re eating clean, balanced, nutrient-rich foods. And definitely keep your body hydrated with water.

Get advanced expert help.

If your eyebrows just won’t grow, you have other options besides a good brow pencil.

  • Go for a tattooed brow. Costs can range upward of $700. But the upside is that you’ll have a permanent, beautiful set of brows for years with touch-ups. “I love the Powder Ombre technique,” says Fennell, who offers the service. “It gives you the look of a soft, powdered brow.”
  • There’s also semi-permanent microblading , which uses pigments instead of ink and can last 1-3 years. Similar to a tattoo, this service costs around $700-$800.
  • An even less permanent alternative are eyebrow extensions, which can last up to 2 weeks. Look to spend between $50 and $200, depending on how much natural eyebrow hair you have.

“Beauty trends come and go, but balance and symmetry will never go out of style. Scientifically, the human eye views symmetry as beauty! If your brows are shaped specific to your bone structure, you will always be in style!”

Stacy Julien is editor in-chief of Crush Magazine.


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