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Monday, June 11, kicks off this year’s Men’s Health Week, leading up to Father’s Day on June 17th. Most of us women fall into one or more of these categories: daughters, wives, girlfriends, mothers, aunts, grandmothers or friends. Either way, you probably have an awesome man in your life that’s worth celebrating. Scroll below for this week’s special feature stories.

1. A Father’s Wake-Up Call

Two brushes with aneurysms in his family gave writer James Hill a fresh perspective on his own health. Read More

2. Fine and Fit Dads Who Will Inspire You to Move

You gotta appreciate a man who takes care of home AND himself. That’s why we’re showing love to fit fathers, who are holding it down on the job, on the home front, and in the gym. Read More

3. “You Good, Man?” Encourages Black Men to Discuss Mental Health

If you haven’t checked in on a brother lately, here’s why you should. Mental health problems in the Black community are real. Read More

4. 5 Steps to Embracing Fit Fatherhood

Dads, listen up! This Men’s Health Week, we encourage you to be the healthy role model your children need. Here are five, easy-peasy strategies to help you get started. Read More


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