#GirlCrush: She’s A Fitness Snob, But That’s a Good Thing!

Kim Moore is nothing but down to earth and sunny when you meet her. So it’s interesting that the shingle on her Washington, DC-based business reads “Fitness Snob“, a term she also uses to describe herself. Turns out, she’s flipped the meaning and made it a good thing to be.

“It’s about cultivating a fitness lifestyle that shows you know what’s best for you,” says the Chicago native, a former marketing professional. “You’ve taken the time to learn what keeps you motivated to maintain your fitness routine, and it’s OK to be unapologetic about your preferences.”

A serial entrepreneur — she once owned a women’s apparel and image consulting boutique — Moore and her partner-husband are delivering top-notch services at Fitness Snob Studio, where independent fitness instructors can lease a high-end, state-of-the-art space to hold classes. Launched in April, the studio is catching fire in the Nation’s Capital. Group fitness trainers are joining her flock with fun, calorie-blasting classes like “Rise & Grind,” “Banana Skirt,” and “Vixen Workout.” Cool, right? Here’s what else you might want to know about Moore:

Three best words to describe yourself:

Fit, fabulous, funny

What was your vision for Fitness Snob?

Fitness Snob Studio was created to give established instructors a place to call home that reflects their status.  We sweated over the details to deliver outstanding facilities, amenities and service at a convenient location so instructors could focus on teaching classes and building their business.

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A Banana Skirt class, where members can channel their inner pop star. 

What kind of workouts do you like?

I am a group exercise junkie. I think my absolute favorite is cardio kickboxing.  I used to travel miles in Chicago to follow my favorite instructor.  I would take the class three to four times a week.  I haven’t been able to find a cardio kickboxing class here that I am in love with like that, but if you know of any instructors send them my way.

Name one thing that brings you absolute joy:

My husband

Favorite superhero:

Batman.  I feel like I should say Wonder Woman but I’ve been in love with Batman ever since Prince did the soundtrack…enough said.

Last time you worked out, and what you did:

I took the Rise & Grind class with Victor-E-Fitness that is held at my studio.  It is a strength workout layered with cardio and it gives me life!

One thing you want to get better at:

Saying no. I over-commit all of the time. I hate letting people down.

How you describe #blackgirlmagic:

Maya Angelou said it best “It’s the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet.”

fitness snob owner kim moore
Boss Babe

What you love about being a business owner:

Creating something that creates opportunities for others.  It is a thrill helping to grow even a small local community.

Can you dance?

Uh, yes! Black Girl Magic!

What song is in heavy rotation right now?

“Best Life” by Cardi B featuring Chance the Rapper

Biggest challenge in getting the studio up and running?

The build out was incredibly hard; so many issues with contractors.

Best vacation of your life so far:

Bora Bora…simply amazing!

Android or iPhone?


Your “Breakfast of Champions” meal:

Egg scramble…I usually do egg whites with cheese and smoked salmon, but sometimes I substitute the salmon for shrimp.  The scramble is low in calories and high in protein.

One healthy thing you do every day without fail:

Laugh…no matter what is happening there is something that makes me laugh and smile and gives me hope that things will turn great.

Best advice for following your dreams:

Quit calling it a dream and call it goal, write it down on paper and put a deadline next to it.


Stacy Julien is editor in-chief of Crush Magazine. Follow her on Instagram @stacyjs_fitlife.


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