Sloane Stephens Puts in Work On and Off the Court

sloane stephens

We dig Sloane Stephens for her phenomenal skills on the tennis court. But we especially love that at 25, she’s charting her own path. Case in point, the US Open champion revealed that we may only see her on the court for another 5 years. Playing in her 30s isn’t in her game plan.

“I mean, if all goes well, you know, hopefully in that five years I’ll win some more tournaments and hopefully, you know, do some other amazing things on and off the court. So this does not define how my career is going to end up,” she told reporters after the BNP Paribas Open.

We’ll see about that. For now, Stephens is pushing and powering through wins, losses and injuries by staying her fittest, in mind and body. Here’s what she told Shape magazine about how she stays in perfect form:

What she eats

Like a lot of us, Stephens admits that she used to eat whatever she wanted. “Now I work with a chef named Jen, who taught me about protein, vegetables, and the importance of healthy snacks like dates, prunes, and walnuts. Jen is my food mom. She showed me how to fuel my body in tough situations to give me that edge,” she told Shape.

How she sweats

While we feel accomplished if we manage to get 30 minutes in, Stephens clocks a two-hour workout BEFORE tennis practice. Her routine consists of plyometrics, agility training and strength training. “Afterward, I play tennis for two hours. From the time I get up, I’m working out and sweating profusely. And I smell!” Lovely.

How she chills

You spa or take a bubble bath. Stephens plays…bingo. “I love to play bingo, even though I never win,” she shared with Shape. “Everyone else in the place is 75 years old. For me, bingo is soothing. I play for four or five hours, and it’s great.”

Josyln Murphy is a freelance writer in Brooklyn, NY, and can’t play a lick of tennis.


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