10 Bad Makeup Moves You Should Avoid

Makeup should enhance our natural beauty, help us look more vibrant, and minimize the flaws that make us uncomfortable. Yet, many of our handy techniques tend to make us look old, tired and dated. It’s not totally your doing. You likely learned a technique back in the day, and you’ve kept it up over the years because no one has told you better. But we are today. Here are 10 of the biggest makeup blunders we make, and tips on how to turn them into boosters. Here we go:

1. Using foundations without sun protection factors

To help prevent wrinkles and ward off skin cancer, layer your primers and foundations by using moisturizers and foundations with an SPF of at least 15. Check out Nars, available at department stores or Revlon’s ColorStay at your neighborhood drugstore.

2. Wearing dark lip liners with lighter shades of lip color

Style & Beauty contributor Toni Garcia-Jackson
Style & Beauty contributor Toni Garcia-Jackson.

Lip liners are designed to contain your lip color and to keep the color from bleeding. Choosing dark lip liners with lighter shades of lip color to outline lips is a no-no.

3. Using too much concealer or none at all

Applying too much concealer under the eye will make wrinkles more prominent and produce raccoon eyes. Conversely, if you skip the concealer, your eyes could end up looking tired and worn down.

4. Overarched brows

For a polished look, well-groomed brows are everything. Bu when you overarch the brows, it creates a permanent “surprised look” to the face. You know what we’re talking about. Beautiful brows should begin at the inner corner of the eyes with the arch starting a little past the iris and tapering off at the outer edge of the brow. Don’t overdo it!

5. Painting on dark lip colors

Dark colors can make your lips appear smaller. If that’s your goal, then go on, sister. But for plump, vivacious lips, go with lighter shades. Women tend to lose lip definition as we mature, so keep that in mind, too.

6. Lining the eyes with black eyeliner

Eyeliner is a great tool to accent the eyes. For some reason, many women grab the color black to shape the eyes. It can give you a harsh look. Instead, go for a brown liner to soften up your look or even a white liner to open up the eyes.

7. Going too dark on the brows

Choose a liner that is within 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color.   Gently apply eyebrow pencil to your brow with quick, short light-handed strokes.

8. Rouging the apples of your cheeks

Grandma always applied rouge to the apple of her cheeks and some ladies still follow that same tradition. The problem with Grandma’s technique is that it pulls the face down. Sweep blush along the cheekbones up towards the hairline to give a healthy glow to the face.

9. Using foundations with alcohols

Foundations with alcohols like ethanol (also known as isopropyl alcohol) are known to prevent moisture and keep those nourishing ingredients from penetrating the skin. Look for brands where alcohols like ethanol are near the end of the ingredient list. The further away it is from the top, the less will be in it.

10. Runny eyeliner and mascara

One word: Waterproof! There are so many good brands on the market now. Select waterproof eyeliners and mascara to keep from looking like you have two black eyes, literally.

Toni Garcia-Jackson is a hairstylist, makeup artist, hair educator and owner of Bombshell Red Hair Salon in Wilmington, Del. She’s been beautifying sisters for more than 25 years. Follow her @hairbytag on Instagram.

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