This Mother-Daughter Yoga Duo Defines Love and Strength on Instagram

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She’s a mom, wife, self-taught yogi, accountant by day, blogger, and a volleyball coach with an Instagram page that’s hard not to love. (We’ll get to that soon.) But really and truly, Charese Parran, 32, is a skilled juggler. That’s what it takes to help raise two confident (and adorable) girls with her husband, rock a full-time job, stay fit and, well, stay sane, too.

“Kids aren’t too young to learn and appreciate the value of their bodies. “

A self-described “over-thinker,” Parran says planning — and sticking to said plan — is key for keeping her life organized. A color-coded wall calendar and detailed reminders on her cell phone are good assistants. “I also run many different scenarios in my head to prepare, especially when it comes to my children,” says the pescatarian from Lusby, Md., where she’s mom to Alyssa, 6, and Charlie, 7 months old. Supporting and sacrificing for each other makes a difference, too.

How she finds time for fitness

Parran hits the gym four times a week at 4 a.m., takes a weekly spin class and includes the girls in yoga practice at home on most days. It’s on her Instagram page that followers witness the mother-daughter magic between Parran and her little ones. The matching outfits alone are too cute. But add strong, amazing yoga poses with backdrops at the beach or park, and they are girl power personified. Practicing together, she finds, is helping teach the eldest valuable life lessons.

“[Alyssa] gets so frustrated when she can’t get a pose right away,” Parran says. “I am constantly reminding her it takes practice. But I’ve watched her overcome fears, do fearless poses, cry, laugh, celebrate, and focus.”

Followers see the results of their hard work, and Parran hopes they’re inspired, too.

“I hope people see you can do the things you love with the ones you love,” she says of her social media images. “I also hope it seeps through our pictures the strong bond we have grown from practicing yoga together.”

mother-daughter yoga

It definitely does.

Stacy Julien is editor in chief of Crush Magazine.


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